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Business and convention solutions in Switzerland

This is the most glorious news for your business. We can felicitate the Europe for this big center designated to a world conference. We are not so far of Geneva, or Zurich, but we are in Lausanne, and this is a space for society which look for more opportunity of development.

A good vision for tomorrow

It’s been a long time that we are looking for a better place that we could exchange our knowledge between each other’s group. And surely, it is a challenge but may be also a real dream. There will be a place for every sector, with a modern vision. Everything is already here, a hotel, a student house, an innovation square, and more interest space for the new generation. A bid area that every one will participate for our development companies. We also appreciate the high quality of technic installation, because it is a very strong innovation. The particularity of this Swiss Tech Convention Center is this compactivity of knowledge that you can’t find in any space like this. The campus is for the startup that brings innovation and there are so many conference rooms at this area. This is just a laboratory of congress world.

What can we find in it?

This space is modulable as the number of people conferences and the theme. In the totality, we can receive 3 000 persons on the principal room. We can moderate this room about 5 minutes, and we can separate the upstairs and downstairs, to an individual place about 458 persons, 357 persons and 1 757 persons. It can also receive a spectacle, as cocktail or something like this, by reforming the tables plan. It gives 8 years to build it, because it is a big one architectural. We will be proud to test any invention and to bring it in front of a big society in the world. And surely, you can discover many tools innovations as a Smart glass.

So, bring the world on your creation and make noise to share it, to be explored by everyone. The future is here, the future is now, just allowed it as you like.